Capabilities Management

Today’s pharmaceutical marketers need new skills, capabilities and tools to achieve the best possible performance in a demanding marketplace. They also need to learn fast.  A week’s training to prepare for all eventualities is no longer an option for busy marketers in a fast-moving environment.

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1. Problem

Traditional paper-based capability assessments are cumbersome, inflexible and difficult to adapt to varying regulatory or country environments. They lack full visibility of capability progress or gaps at different levels of the organisation.


2. Solution

Our customised digital tools enable consistent, real-time tracking of capability levels and review status across countries and functions.  Personalised dashboards empower team members to take charge of their own competency development. Suggested training and development activities are tailored to current competency levels and agreed development priorities.

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3. Benefits

Real-time assessment and reporting of capability levels across the business give stakeholders full visibility of training progress and capability gaps. The tools facilitate strategic planning and enable timely intervention to ensure that capability levels are fit for purpose. With an integrated approach, capability assessment can be adapted seamlessly to global or local environments.

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