Case Study

Collaborative tool empowers brand teams to plan with confidence and execute brilliantly

A leading pharmaceutical company needed to transform their Strategic Brand Planning process. The PowerPoint and Excel templates they were using were labour-intensive and added no value to the strategic thinking that supported their planning efforts. Since the file based planning system did not support collaborative working there was a lack of transparency and versioning control issues. The lengthy, data-heavy brand plans developed often failed to communicate a focused, concise and inspiring strategy.

The brand planning process needed to be streamlined, simplified and consistently rolled out across markets in a format that allowed end users to produce better thinking and better plans. The key challenge was not simply to move the process online. It was to fully use all the advantages of the digital environment.

Transforming the way markets track and report market access progress for a new product-1.jpg

The online tool developed transformed the brand planning processes to a focused and inspiring collaborative effort. Brand teams, across markets and therapy areas, could work in a shared system that guided the planning effort and inspired their thinking. Since the planning was done collaboratively online, the system enabled them to output the plans in PowerPoint and Excel for presentations and reporting. The system provided full transparency of status and progress in the markets to corporate level without any chasing of status reports.

The intuitive, digital solution facilitated collaborative working, reducing duplication of effort and eliminating version control issues. The resulting transparency, accountability and consistency in the brand planning process, brought confidence and deeper understanding to the brands’ strategy and tactics.