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In today‘s high-pressure business environment, learning on the job is about fast, flexible access to relevant and timely knowledge. 

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What We Offer

We build online product knowledge solutions to bring the most thorough, up-to-date knowledge on diseases and medicines to a varied audience as a product transitions through development. Content is updated and added right through a medicine’s lifecycle, from R&D pipeline to launch.


Our comprehensive, highly flexible KnowledgeBank™ system is a personalised, easily updated one-stop shop for disease and treatment content, marketing strategy and market access. It transforms learning from a one-off event into an ongoing experience.

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Intelligent One-Stop-Shop for Launch

The KnowledgeBank™ becomes your own on-demand resource, tailored to your specific information needs. It is designed to accommodate different languages, audiences, markets and formats, including mobile access. A newsletter option provides additional incentives to engage and learn.

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