Discover a smarter way to manage your reimbursement journey with our collaborative market access software.
Market Access Launch SmartAccess Software

Track reimbursement in real-time.

Streamline data gathering to provide full visibility of submission and reimbursement status in global, regional and country dashboards.
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Save time.

Do you spend time chasing market access teams for reimbursement status and timelines? SmartAccess™ streamlines workflows to free up your time.

Collaborate on planning and execution.

Align your market access plans across markets and collaborate to execute with excellence.
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     Tailored to your needs.

SmartAccess™ is highly flexible and can be tailored around your market access planning frameworks, KPIs and ways of working.  Is it a highly scalable platform that will grow with you and your needs.
Your regions and countries.
Your brands and indications.
Your access framework.
Your teams and workstreams.
Your access restriction needs.
Your reporting needs and KPIs.

Is there room for improvement in your market access team?

Discover how SmartAccess™ can help manage your global market access effort.
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More great features.

Traffic lights.
Alerts you to where you are on-track, at risk or falling behind.
Team chat.
Conduct discussions in context as you execute the plan.
File sharing.
Upload files securely directly to the activity they support.
Personal email alerts.
Make your team members are engaged at the right point in time.
Skype integration.
Start a Skype chat, call or meeting with the team straight from any activity in the tool.
Automated reports.
Save time preparing for meetings by downloading any dashboard straight to PowerPoint.

Do you have the right market access tools in place?

Download our Market Access Checklist to find out how to optimise your market access planning and tracking.

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