Market Access

Market- access strategies are rapidly evolving to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding environment for drug pricing, reimbursement and uptake.  Although new product approval rates are picking up again, regulatory and payer pressure to show comparative product value and cost-effectiveness is building relentlessly.

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1. Problem

Pressures on healthcare systems have tightened conditions for drug pricing, reimbursement and uptake. Sophisticated market access strategies need to combine global consistency with flexibility to address variations in local policy. Without effective market access provision, new products risk launching into a vacuum.   



2. Solution

Our customised digital tools track market access activities to ensure consistency across geographies, functions, brands and therapy areas. By keeping everyone in the loop, they enable timely adjustment of value propositions to meet local needs. Real-time information exchange also strengthens collaborative relationships with payers and other key stakeholders.

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3. Benefits

Our smart tools optimise market access strategies by reducing duplication, expanding communication and encouraging collaborative working. Increased transparency of market access activities, with real-time visibility of reimbursement status and timelines across countries, lowers launch risks while enhancing cost management and return on investment. Continuous dialogue provides both global consistency and the flexibility to address local market access challenges.  

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Your Vital Pharma Launch Readiness Checklist
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Case studies
Global knowledge base communicates payer value and benefits across markets
A leading global pharmaceutical company provides payer value education, tracks market access progress and reduces duplication of effort through a collaborative digital tool
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Case studies
Digital solution transforms the way markets manage pricing information
A global pharma company empowers markets to own the process of price tracking and forecasting to provide efficiency, accountability and transparency using one of our digital tools.

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