Drive more tender sales

When tenders are tracked informally and inconsistently, it’s a recipe for problems. SmartTender™ is a SaaS solution to plan, execute, and learn from tender submissions worldwide.

Consistent tender management - tailored to your specific playbooks


Provide a consistent process and platform for tender planning. Track progress, submissions and awards across countries and therapy areas.


Provide day-to-day oversight of tender status and timelines across countries and tenders.


Team members can collaborate directly on tender milestones on a day-to-day basis. Track decisions, risks, insights and key learnings.

Tender Sales

Increase tender sales through better management, execution, and reporting.

All the features you need to win more tenders

Tribeca_SmartTender Module 5 - Plan + Execute

Personalised Homepage

SmartTender™ guides you towards the tenders and tasks that needs your attention right now

Real-Time Dashboards

Global and country dashboards provide full visibility of tender timelines and status across workstreams. Traffic lights indicate the real-time status of tasks.

Tender Plans

Embed your tender plan framework consistently across countries, while ensuring there is enough flexibility for each country to address their specific challenges.

Collaboration Tools

Share files, add comments and get input from your colleagues directly at activity and milestone level in your tender plan.

Alerts and notifications

Personalised email alerts to inform or involve stakeholders. Pull in the right people at the right time.

Tribeca_SmartTender module 5 - Track+Forecast

KPI Tracking

Track important tender metrics such as value won year-to-date (YTD), % tender value won by country, sales forecast to financial year end (FYE).

Financial Forecast

Access real-time financial forecasts based on your tender pipeline and tenders awarded.

Supply Forecast

SmartTender™ provides supply forecasts based on your tender pipeline, tender awards, and volume calendarization.

Risk Tracking

Identify bottlenecks early on. Assess and mitigate risk through systematic tracking and reporting for each tender plan.

Key Decisions

Track key decisions and discuss them with the team as you collaborate on the execution of tender plan activities.

Tribeca_SmartTender Module 5 - Learn + Improve-1

Key Learnings

Capture key learnings throughout the tender submission process and in real time. Understand what worked well and areas for improvement to inform future tenders.

Automate and Export Reports

In SmartTender™ reports are auto-generated, so you don’t have to spend time collecting and consolidating data, and manually preparing reports.

Audit Trail

Better manage version control and minimise the risk of errors by automatically capturing the full history of changes for any task and any user in any tender plan.

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