Launch smarter, launch faster, align everyone.

Meet the launch readiness software for agile launch execution. It’s intuitive. It’s built for pharma. It’s SaaS that your entire organisation will actually want to use.

The Tool Launch Teams Love to Use

Launches can get messy. SmartLaunch® gets everyone on the same page to guarantee a higher-quality launch execution.


Gain full visibility across the entire launch programme. No more waiting for status updates, slides, or spreadsheets.


Say no to system sprawl. Align stakeholders across teams, countries, and functions - in the same place.


Unlock cross-functional and global/affiliate collaboration. Ensure smooth and successful launch execution.


Save time and money by automating repetitive manual processes. Focus on launching your product instead.

All the features you need to launch

Tribeca_SmartLaunch Project Management


Surface the tasks that need your attention right now.


Flexible templates that let you rapidly create new plans.


Assign plans and tasks to teams, roles and team members.


Manage dependencies across functional areas.


Send personalised email alerts to inform or involve stakeholders.

Tribeca_SmartLaunch Feature - Report-1

Traffic Lights

Get full visibility into status across plans, as well as an early warning system.


Visualise tasks and dependencies with interactive Gantt charts.


Visualise launch and reimbursement status across countries with world heatmaps.


Visualise and track the progress of your agile launch execution.


Download reports to PowerPoint or Excel.

Tribeca_SmartLaunch Feature - Collaborate


Add comments and get input from your team directly at task level.


Identify risks early on, assess impact and likelihood, capture and assign mitigation tasks.


Capture and document decisions as you work together.

Key Learnings

Track key learnings to build your corporate launch memory and drive improvements for future launches.

File sharing

Share files and links directly at task level.

Tribeca_SmartLaunch measure-1

KPI Dashboard

Track the metrics that will make or break your launch.


See how users engage with the platform across countries and functions.

Planning a launch?

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