Launch Readiness

With traditional blockbusters falling to generic competition and the market-entry model shifting to more frequent, narrowly targeted launches at lower margins,  pharmaceutical companies are under considerable pressure to launch their products more quickly and efficiently.

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1. Problem

Today’s pharma product launches are global, specialised and closely scrutinised. Variations across markets and functions complicate growing demands from regulators and payers. With pressure on margins, launch teams have to tackle these obstacles faster and with fewer resources.   


2. Solution

Our software tools enhance visibility, communication and collaboration at every level of your business.  Automated capabilities drive consistency and transparency in real time across functions, brands or geographies. We customize these tools to the particular needs of your company and products.

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3. Benefits

Full visibility of launch status and timelines improves alignment of global and local activities across functional silos. With increased efficiency and impact come better returns on investment and more options for patients. And enhanced relationships both internally and externally will help ease your next pharma product launch.
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Your Vital Pharma Launch Readiness Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just use Excel and Microsoft Project?

Excel and MS Project are fine in small, centralised teams. With a typical drug launch, though, you need to align and monitor activities across countries and functions. Excel trackers neither support effective collaboration nor provide the necessary alignment, visibility and real-time data access to pre-empt risks and drive informed decision making.

How flexible is the tool?

The tool is completely flexible. We tailor it to your process, needs, working practices and reporting requirements. We use modular, customisable software components for common features, then supplement these with bespoke customisation and modules to address your particular needs.

How much do we need to adapt our launch readiness process to the tool?

You shouldn’t have to adapt your process at all. We start with your process and tailor the tool around that. Our tools will certainly help you execute your launch process better. But it is crucial that execution is not limited or led by the tool.

How does the tool help promote accountability?

The tool provides a full audit trail for all launch plans, documenting who changed what and when. It also tracks tool usage across the markets, so you can see exactly what your teams are doing and when they last updated their plans.

How Does The tool save the global team time?

With Excel tracking of launch readiness, global teams often end up chasing markets for updates, consolidating data and compiling reports. Our digital tool visualises real-time data as dashboards to support decision-making and reporting. Less time spent on administration means your global team can focus on working strategically with the markets

how much can we tailor reports generated by the tool?

You can tailor the reporting dashboards, as well as downloadable Excel reports, fully to the needs of your business and different audiences, such as senior management, global team members, regional directors or GMs in local markets. We work with each client to get the KPIs and metrics right.

Can I integrate existing internal data into this solution?

You may have other solutions and databases that support your decision-making with information on registration, evidence, pricing or sales. We can set up the tool to integrate data from these sources.

How do you track usage of the tool?

The launch tool includes sophisticated tracking reports to help countries monitor update frequency and tool use across brands or functions. The global team gets insights into how countries are using the tool and managing the rollout, such as when they last logged in or updated data on a particular brand.

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