Tender Management

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1. Problem

Conditions for product tenders vary significantly from market to market. They are subject to local factors such as level of need, available budget, industrial policy and pricing trends, while timing is crucial. Exacerbating these challenges internally are lack of cross-functional communication or inconsistent processes for planning and tracking tenders effectively.    


2. Solution

Our customised tender management tools provide real-time visualisation of tender status and challenges. They enhance planning, tracking and collaborative working while ensuring that tender processes start on time, stay on schedule and follow best practices. Global teams can more easily monitor and measure KPIs or enrich their forecasts by maintaining full visibility of tenders worldwide.

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3. Benefits

A fully integrated tool enhances the efficiency and transparency of planning, tracking and implementing tenders, both globally and locally. A co-ordinated system eliminates duplication, improves the quality of submissions and streamlines the tender process to the benefit of patients and return on investment. 

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