6 Pharma Trends for 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Andre Moa on Jan 18, 2018 11:13:09 AM


What does 2018 have in store for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry? In our new '6 Pharma Trends for 2018 Infographic' we look at the key trends that we believe will shape the operating environment for the industry over the year ahead.


These trends reflect the ongoing debates around pricing, transparency and value in the pharmaceutical market, as well as the disruptive impact of scientific advances, both medical and digital, and of emerging competitive forces in drug supply and distribution.


They address the growing influence of multiple stakeholders on an increasingly complex ecosystem for medicines, and how political upheavals such as Brexit have ramifications for the pharmaceutical industry far beyond their country of origin.


You can find out more about these pharma trends in the infographic below, and read about them in more detail in our blog 6 Pharma Trends for 2018 that will shape the industry.


 6 pharma trends for 2018 infographic from tribeca knowledge


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