Rethinking Launch Readiness in 2021: The New Normal in the Shadow of COVID

Posted by Andre Moa on Feb 24, 2021 3:50:37 PM


It is probably reasonable enough by now to talk about the launch readiness landscape for medicines and vaccines as pre- and post-COVID. We can also say with some certainty that nothing will ever be the same again.

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5 Pharma Trends for 2021: Disruption and Transformation in the COVID Era

Posted by Andre Moa on Dec 3, 2020 5:43:38 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has eclipsed every other development in healthcare and pharmaceuticals during 2020. It will likely do so next year as well. Looking ahead to 5 pharma trends for 2021 that will set the agenda for industry, it is hard to escape COVID-19 both as a challenge and a spur to new directions.


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2020 New Drug Approvals: Review of New FDA and EMA Marketing Authorisations

Posted by Andre Moa on Nov 17, 2020 11:21:59 AM


Any fears that COVID-19 might stem the flow of new drug approvals in 2020, depleting or diverting resources at regulatory agencies and their pharmaceutical clients, appear largely premature.

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How the coronavirus crisis could affect your new drug launch

Posted by Andre Moa on Apr 7, 2020 2:44:49 PM


The widespread disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is forcing pharmaceutical companies to think more creatively and flexibly about how their business model can accommodate new restraints such as home working, restricted face-to-face contact, travel bans, supply-chain bottlenecks, stalled clinical-trial recruitment, diverted healthcare budgets, closer scrutiny of drug reimbursement, and depleted staffing at regulatory agencies. Digital technology will be a crucial tool in addressing these challenges and softening the pandemic’s multiple potential impacts on drug launches.

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From Volume to Value: Strategising launch readiness in 2020

Posted by Andre Moa on Feb 13, 2020 11:07:00 AM


One notable characteristic of the launch readiness landscape as we settle into 2020 is the lower volume of innovative drugs entering the marketplace. The record number of approvals granted in 2018 by the two most influential agencies, the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency, did not hold up in 2019.

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