Rethinking Launch Readiness in 2021: The New Normal in the Shadow of COVID

Posted by Andre Moa on Feb 24, 2021 3:50:37 PM



It is probably reasonable enough by now to talk about the launch readiness landscape for medicines and vaccines as pre- and post-COVID. We can also say with some certainty that nothing will ever be the same again.


But if the pandemic has shown us anything as we move into 2021, it is that new problems, especially around market access and successful pharmaceutical product launches, are often just an intensification of existing problems. Moreover, all of these difficulties can serve as a platform for fresh thinking that may see launch frameworks and strategies emerge stronger, more agile and more effective once the pandemic fog has finally cleared.


Surveying potential drug launches in 2021, we have pandemic-related challenges that are both new and familiar, such as competition for reimbursement in overstretched healthcare systems, market-to-market discrepancies in pharma product launch conditions, and more rigorous health-technology assessment. Then we have more COVID-specific challenges that point to future launch readiness trends, such as managing virtual sales, marketing and launch strategies.


Already, pharmaceutical companies are finding new ways to work remotely in the face of pandemic-related restrictions, with a particular emphasis on leveraging digital transformation. Moreover, COVID-19 has given new impetus and urgency to R&D pipelines, as coronavirus vaccines and treatments move at unprecedented speeds from conception to market.





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Meanwhile, the pace of new drug approvals in the key US and EU markets is picking up again, innovation and productivity in drug development are thriving for much more than just COVID, and plenty of blockbusters-in-waiting are still entering the market or poised to do so. That is not to ignore the enormous complexity of achieving a compelling new product launch in an environment where the pandemic has tightened barriers to entry, even as it puts the pharmaceutical industry centre-stage on the hard road back to health, stability and sanity.  


Nonetheless, the launch management landscape we outline in our Ultimate Guide to Launch Readiness in 2021 suggests there is still more than enough opportunity to keep delivering global product launches in pharma that set new standards in healthcare while refreshing pharmaceutical-company margins and keeping the R&D wheels oiled. In our Ultimate Guide to Launch Readiness in 2021, we take a detailed look at what this dynamic environment means for smart launch strategists and the pharma product launch process.


We consider the resources companies need to optimise in-market potential, particularly in an accelerating era of digital transformation. And we describe how cutting-edge launch software can help these companies track and manage in real time global launch challenges in pharma across national and functional boundaries.


Read our updated guide to understand how the pharmaceutical launch landscape is shaping up in the age of COVID-19. Then learn how our launch tools can help you negotiate the peaks and valleys of market entry in 2021, so that your pharmaceutical product launch is the one that really does count.



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